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Financial Services
  Data Processing

Our Data processing services include data capture, data verification, input, output, data entry indexing, data conversion and data analysis.


CCCS with over 12 years of experience in the business, is an associate to many multi national banks, financial institutions and NBFC'S in the credit approval process. CCCS has over the years collated an extensive database of 500,000 customers with a negative profile.

We provide application input and processing, risk profiling and implementation of your credit decision making model.

Debt Collection

Early and late stage first party collection from courtesy calls to precharge of negotiation and post charge-off recoveries on primary, secondary and tertiary portfolios. Action rate payments, improve days per sales per outstanding over norms for industry, recover a higher percentage of charged of bad debt.

CCCS also undertakes national debt collection through its associate offices spread across the country. It is the member of the Association of credit and collection professionals.
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